The reusable rocket and capsule is designed to carry passengers

The reusable rocket and capsule is designed to carry passengers to an altitude of more than 100 miles (62 km) above the planet so they can experience a few minutes of weightlessness and see the curvature of Earth set against the blackness of space.Ultimately, the plan is for Blue Origin to become a profitable, self-sustaining enterprise, with a long-term goal to cut the cost of space flight so that millions of people can live and work off Earth, Bezos said.95 percent stake in the company, are worth $73.Blue Origin has not started selling tickets or set prices to ride aboard its six-passenger, gumdrop-shaped capsule, known as New Shepard.At the symposium, Bezos showed off a mockup of the passenger capsule, which sports six reclined seats, each with its own large window. “It’s a long road to get there and I’m happy to invest in it,” Bezos said.Bezos is Amazons largest shareholder, with 80.For now, Kent, Washington-based Blue Origin is working toward far shorter hops – 11 minute space rides that are not fast enough to put a spaceship into orbit around Earth.Blue Origin is developing a second launch system to carry satellites, and eventually people, into orbit, similar to SpaceXs Falcon 9 and Dragon capsule.54 billion at Wednesdays closing price.O) and also the owner of The Washington Post newspaper.28, Bezos would have to sell 1,099,771 China Color capsules Suppliers shares to meet his pledge of selling $1 billion worth of Amazon stock. Unmanned test flights have been underway since 2015. Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.”My business model right now … for Blue Origin is I sell about $1 billion of Amazon stock a year and I use it to invest in Blue Origin,” said Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon.

Also on display was a scorched New Shepard booster rocket that was retired in October after five Inc (AMZN.Like fellow tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder and chief executive of SpaceX, Bezos says that reusability is the key to cutting the cost of space flight. According to Forbes magazine, Bezos has a net worth of $78 billion.Blue Origin had hoped to begin test flights with company pilots and engineers in 2017, but that probably will not happen until next year, Bezos told reporters at the annual U.5 founder Jeff Bezos said on Wednesday he is selling about $1 billion worth of the internet retailers stock annually to fund his Blue Origin rocket company, which aims to launch paying passengers on 11-minute space rides starting next year.Colorado Springs, Colo: Amazon. Development costs for that system, known as New Glenn, will be about $2.S.”The engineering approach is a little different, but we’re very like-minded,” Bezos said of Musk. But Bezos has indicated he will spend what it takes..There is no estimate yet for how much Bezos will invest overall on Blue Origin. At Wednesdays closing share price of $909. Last week, SpaceX re-launched a rocket for an unprecedented second mission to put a spacecraft into orbit

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